There we go!

There we go!
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Monday, 13 February 2012

Nick Beer 10km 2012

This race was unique. My recent training has been primarily on the bike and I wasn't really feeling it up until just 5 mins before the race. As I parked my car the cool drizzly weather wasn't helping with my enthusiasm. Warming-up with a short jog along the promenade just in time to hear the starters gun go! Fortunately this year's race was chip timed and I was happy I wouldn't be in the running for any honours :)

Mile 1 is a tough assent and I decided early that I didn't want to hurt myself too much this early on in the race. Last year I had pushed too hard and this first uphill section had done too much damage. I was consciously keeping my heart rate down and completed the first mile in 7min 39 sec with an AvHR of 142 and AvCAD of 89.

Mile 2 includes a short downward section before the main assent of the Great Orme. I used this downward section to drop my HR and was feeling in complete control after finishing this mile in 7 min 32 sec with an AvHR of 148 and AvCAD of 89.

Mile 3 has the final part of the climb then a short flat section, into the westerly wind, before the long hoped for decent. There is a water station just before this mile ends but seeing as there was only 1 person serving and I wasn't willing to queue, I kept on going. This mile includes the toughest part of the course so the AvHR of 158  and AvCAD of 85 were no suprise. Time for mile 3 was 8 min 22 sec.

Mile 4 is the sort of mile that most runners dream of!!! All of the previous assent is given back in this mile and if you keep the cadence high, and the effort low, you can increase your speed while taking a bit of a break! This mile was completed in 6.54 with an AvHR of 151 and a nice high cadence of 90.

Mile 5 includes the tail of the decent which can give you some momentum to keep the pace up. The danger with this is that it can encourage you to push too hard too early! I might have fallen for this a little as I look back but the effect was a nice suprise. Mile 5 completed in 6.52 with an AvHR of 154 and AvCAD 89

Mile 6 includes a 400m ascent. Many runners don't keep enough in the tank for this section. I was almost one of them. The final part of this mile includes the decent onto the prom which is nice, and I did spot Dave the 72 year old Panther, but unfortunately this meeting probably caused me to burn more fuel than I should have! The mile was completed in 7.22 at an AvHR of 159 and AvCAD of 87.

The last few metres were tougher than I had hoped. I was pretty much out of it just following the announcer shouting that there were only a few seconds until the 48 min mark! I did my now traditional final sprint for the line and just got in under the 48 min mark on the race clock. I then remembered that it had also been chip timed so I checked my watch. 47.27!! A 33 second PB!

With the training I had had, the 5lb of excess weight I am currently carrying, and the 5 hrs of training I had done in the 6 days before the race I have to say I'm really please with the result. The next race is the Chester Half Marathon in May - but I may just forget that and target the Llandudno 10!!

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  1. wow, nice work! Congrats on the PR! You are deep in training mode already... I'm jealous :-). Had to take a ton of time off thanks to my shoulder, but am finally getting back into it. Happy training!